How to download & install themes with iThemeSky App

After installed Winterboard and iThemeSky App, you can download and install themes for your iDevice easily.

Here are the step by step guide for you.

1. Launch iThemeSky App.

2. Browse and choose theme(s)

You can filter themes by devices or features to find themes you like.

3. Preview and download theme

Preview the theme’s screenshots and read the theme’s information. Click the Download button to get it.


4. Manage and install the theme

Tap the bottom center Manage Icon to view the downloading process, install it after download

5. Apply it in Winterboard

After installed, find and apply it in Winterboard, it will work after respring.

Tips: most of lockscreen themes on iThemeSky are widget theme, you need to install apps to hide the lockscreen clock and the “slide to unlock” text. Read the tutorials here

You can also easily install themes from computer with iSpirit, please click here to learn more about that.