How to install iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch themes with iSpirit

There are some different ways to install theme to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, but the easiest way is with iSpirit. Follow our guide now.

First of all, jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, install Winterboard. Most of themes are based on winterboard (there are also some Dreamboard theme.)

Secondly, download and install iSpirit to your computer (Windows only). Then connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to computer via USB.

Now you can easily install themes for iDevice.

Install Online themes

Launch iSpirit and click Theme Manage

Find a theme then click to download and install it.

Then iSpirit will download and transfer the theme to your iDevice automatically

After install files, open winterboard on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to apply the theme.

Respring your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, the theme will enable.


Install theme from ZIP file

If you have download ZIP theme file from iThemeSky or some other site on your computer, install them by this way.

Click Install from ZIP to browse file from computer.

Choose a ZIP theme package then iSpirit will install it to your iDevice.

Open Winterboard to apply it on iPhone.


Install theme from folder on computer

Click Install from Folder to browse theme folder from computer.

Select the theme folder and install it. (the theme file folder must include folder and files such as: LS Golf Slider/Library/Themes/xxx.theme, most of themes on iThemeSky are under this rule)

Open Winterboard to apply it.


Install theme manually

If you want to install theme manually, please copy and transfer theme file (not ZIP file) to iPhone then apply it in winterboard on iPhone to enable it.

Click File Manage to browse the theme file location(Library/Themes/) on iPone and copy theme file into it.

Theme files have been transfered to iPhone successfully.

Then you will see it in winterboard on iPhone.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here.